Bamboo Earrings, At Least 2 Pair

I haven’t worn a pair of these in forever, but tomorrow begins Spirit Week at our school and students agreed that the first day will be throw back day. Not only will I have on the triangular pair, I will be wearing a  “gold rope chain,” and clothes in the style of what I thought was fresh in middle school. My students enable me to time travel, but I will save that for another time.

But what’s most important is that I show up and show them that we are part of the dame community. Though I am there teacher, I really do not see myself as separate and apart form them; at east I try not to.

I have even gone so far as linking their clothing to an extra credit question. If they can take what they are wearing and in two sentences verbally link it to one of the critical theoretical lenses we have learned, 5 points on their lowest grade. Of course I will model it for them, then we’ll see.

And it don’t stop.

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